We are pleased to share the testimonials of our satisfied customers.

Michael P.Solomon
Sydney, NSW

I use this cleaning service for my office and I'm so happy to have found them. They are affordable and provide the best customer service experience. I have been using them for over a year already! I would recommend Reliance Cleaning in particular.

Victoria Barry
Sydney, NSW

My husband and Me both are very satisfied customers and have been for over 5 years. Reliance Cleaning Service always keeps our home just lovely and are willing to accommodate special requests. I am glad I have a company I can trust and will do the same quality work each cleaning.

Brett Breedlove
Rockdale, Sydney (NSW)

What a great deep clean! Staff at Reliance Cleaning did a terrific job cleaning our apartment from head to toe, even cleaning parts of the apartment we did not ask for. Would highly recommend and definitely use again!

John Elkins
Rockdale, Sydney (NSW)

I have used a few different cleaning services but this was the best! They showed up early, did a thorough job and were pleasant and friendly! They took my trash with them, an added bonus, and didn't rearrange my entire house like some cleaners do. Their prices are also better than any I've seen.

Stephanie Mealy
Sydney, NSW

I would be glad to act as a phone reference for your company. Reliance Cleaning did a wonderful job and I certainly don't mind confirming their outstanding service. If you're thinking about hiring to clean your office building, ask them for my testimonial and call anytime.